Tuesday, December 30, 2008

just checking in

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did. It was busy, but lots of time spent with friends and family!

I haven't done too bad with the sweets, but regular foods are a whole other story. My Mom has been cooking ALOT, to deal with missing my dad (I think). Well, she doesn't want to keep any leftovers and my brothers aren't taking much. So, that leaves me to take them. (out of guilt, of course) I did tell her she needs to cut back because I can't keep eating Christmas dinner every day! I think I've had one glass of water in the last week. Talk about water retention!

So, I've been taking my thyroid meds regulary. And, I have a much better outlook! Thank God! I didn't want to be around me, anymore!

So, I guess I'll get back into "it" with everyone else on Jan 1! I'm up a few pounds from my initial weigh in three months ago, but it could be so much worse!

Happy New Year!

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