Friday, September 25, 2009

Is it really September?`

So, it's been a busy summer and not much emphasis was placed on my eating or exercise. I found one excuse after another. And, I had officially reached my highest weight ever. My Aunt asked me to join Weight Watchers with her in August. So, on August 6th I joined weight watchers and weighed in at 294.6. UGH. I didn't really start, though. I went to the meetings every week but wasn't really watching what I ate. Miraculously, I either stayed the same or lost .4 or .6 etc. Even after being on vacation for a week and not watching what I ate, I still lost a little. And each time I was surprised. The key, I think, was that I was moving more. Not hitting the gym or anything, but helping out with the chores around the house instead of sitting on the couch. We were at the beach for a week on vacation. I was constantly moving, every day while there.

It finally clicked. After basically not following plan for over a month, I had still managed to lose 2 pounds in total. I wasn't overly ecstatic about it, but I started to feel like "something" really wanted me to lose weight. You see, I kept setting myself up for failure each week by not even trying. Each time I lost, I was completely surprised. I think deep down I really wanted to gain, just to prove to myself that I couldn't do it. And that wasn't happening. So, I finally decided that I needed to give the plan a try. So, after one more bad weekend, I started reeling it in on Monday, 9/14. That week ( I weigh in on Thursdays) I lost .6. OK, better than nothing. But I thought, if I can get my weekends under control maybe it would be more. But that came after my mind got the better of me and 9/18 became a binge day, complete with a bag of pepperidge farm white choc macadamia nut cookies (24 points for the entire bag, my allowance is 35 per day) So, 9/19 I got it together and stayed on track all week. I weighed in last nigth and lost 1.2 (after a yoga class, a 60 minute walk and a 45 minute workout at the gym this week). I was completely disappointed. I was expecting at least 2. This sparked a bit of depression and a whole new attitude.

My typical approach would have been to make today a binge day. But I realized last night that what I've been doing hasn't been working. It's time for a change and a new outlook. So, this morning I got up at 5 am and went to the gym. I worked out for 45 minutes doing cardio and I feel great right now. A little tired, but I can live with that.

So, last week I put in some effort. I didn't get the desired results. So, that means this week, I need to work harder. And after looking back at my food journal I realized that I didn't keep to my points every day. So, I need to keep to my points and get in more exercise. And that's where I'm at, at the moment. I've gradually been making small changes that will hopefully add up to a big change.

My saying for the day:

If what you've been doing hasn't worked, it's time for a change.